• Particle Accelerator Accident: Anatoli Bugorski - Season 3 Episode 11

    For our second bonus (and truly final) episode in our Bizarre Experiences season, we’re talking about Anatoli Bugorski, a retired Russian particle physicist who is known for surviving a radiation accident in 1978, when a high-energy proton beam from a particle accelerator passed through his brain.

  • Cinder Woman: Mary Reeser - Season 3 Episode 10

    Surprise! Who would we be if we didn’t do a bonus episode at the end of the season! For our first bonus episode in our Bizarre Experiences season, we’re talking about Mary Reeser, a woman whose death was purported to be a case of spontaneous human combustion.

  • What Are The Odds: Stefan Mandel - Season 3 Episode 9

    For our ninth and final episode in our Bizarre Experiences season, we’re talking about Stefan Mandel, a mathematician who was able to legally win the lottery 11 times.

  • Queen of Sinking Ships: Violet Jessop - Season 3 Episode 8

    For our eighth episode in our Bizarre Experiences season, we’re talking about Violet Jessop, an Argentinian ocean liner stewardess and nurse, who is known for surviving the sinkings of the RMS Titanic in 1912 and her sister ship, the HMHS Britannic, in 1916.

  • American Crowbar Case: Phineas Gage - Season 3 Episode 7

    For our seventh episode in our Bizarre Experiences season, we’re talking about Phineas Gage, an American railroad construction foreman remembered for his improbable survival of an accident in which a large iron rod was driven completely through his head, destroying much of his brain’s left frontal lobe.

  • 76 Days Adrift: Steven Callahan - Season 3 Episode 6

    For our sixth episode in our Bizarre Experiences season, we’re talking about Steven Callahan, a naval architect who, in 1981, survived for 76 days adrift on the Atlantic Ocean in a liferaft.

  • Lost in the Outback: Ricky Megee - Season 3 Episode 5

    For our fifth episode in our Bizarre Experiences season, we’re talking about Ricky Megee, an Australian who is most notable for having been stranded in the Outback and surviving for 71 days in 2006.

  • The Man Who Survived Two Atomic Bombings: Tsutomu Yamaguchi - Season 3 Episode 4

    For our fourth episode in our Bizarre Experiences season, we’re talking about Tsutomu Yamaguchi, a Japanese marine engineer who survived both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings during World War II.

  • Human Lightning Rod: Roy Sullivan - Season 3 Episode 3

    For our third episode in our Bizarre Experiences season, we are going to talk about Roy Sullivan, a United States park ranger in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. Between 1942 and 1977, Sullivan was hit by lightning on seven occasions and survived all of them.

  • Fall From 33,330 Feet: Vesna Vulović - Season 3 Episode 2

    For our second episode in our Bizarre Experiences season, we are going to talk about Vesna Vulović, a Serbian flight attendant who holds the Guinness world record for surviving the highest fall without a parachute, just about 33,330 feet out of the sky.

  • The (Un)Luckiest Man: Frane Selak - Season 3 Episode 1

    This Strange World is back with our third season! Season three is going to be a little different than our normal seasons, a little more…bizarre. It’s so bizarre it even gets its own subtitle:

    This Strange World: Bizarre Experiences

    Every episode this season we are going to be doing a deep dive into a person who experienced something truly bizarre. Our season premiere starts the season with Frane Selak, known for his frequent brushes with death. He has been described as either the world’s luckiest or unluckiest man, depending on how you look at it. (Hint: Listen to decide for yourself!)

  • The Vanishing Hitchhiker, Bloody Mary, and other Urban Legends - Season 2 Episode 26

    Double surprise! Another bonus Season 2 episode! Just in time for Halloween! This week, Gavin bring’s in some of the most popular urban legends, like The Vanishing Hitchhiker, Bloody Mary, The Bunny Man, and more! (Hint: Don’t listen to this too late at night.)

  • The First Crime Mystery of the Social Media Age: The Disappearance of Maura Murray - Season 2 Episode 25

    Surprise! A bonus Season 2 episode! Maura Murray was a college student who disappeared on the evening of February 9, 2004, after a car crash on Route 112 near Woodsville, New Hampshire, a village in the town of Haverhill. This week, Chris brings us the story of the disappearance of Maura Murray, which has been described as the “first crime mystery of the social media age”, having occurred days after the launch of Facebook. (Hint: Don’t go out on a school night.)

  • The Power of Nostalgia - Season 2 Episode 24

    For our Season 2 finale, Gavin, Leah, and Chris look back on Season 2, get nostalgic for their childhoods, learn about the science of nostalgia, and more! (Hint: You do not want to miss this one!)

  • Does Size Matter?: World’s Largest Roadside Attractions - Season 2 Episode 23

    Hey! Get your head out of the gutter. Hundreds of roadside attractions around the world consider themselves to be the “world’s largest.” They aren’t all verified, some are outright wrong, but each makes its claim with the gusto of a carnival barker. This week, Chris brings in some of the world’s largest roadside attractions, while Gavin and Leah play a game to guess where they are. (Hint: Things get heated.)

  • Parody Religion: The Birth of the Flying Spaghetti Monster - Season 2 Episode 22

    A parody religion or mock religion is a belief system that challenges the spiritual convictions of others, often through humor and satire. This week, Gavin brings in some famous examples of parody religions, while Chris and Leah help to come up with their own parody religion. (Hint: It gets pretty deep.)

  • Lost in the Sahara: The Story of Mauro Prosperi - Season 2 Episode 21

    In 1994, Italian police officer and former Olympic pentathlete Mauro Prosperi was looking to push his physical limits. He decided to enter the Marathon des Sables (French for Marathon of the Sands, also known as Sahara Marathon), a six-day, 251 km (156 mi) ultramarathon, which is approximately the distance of six regular marathons. The multi-day race is held every year in southern Morocco, in the Sahara Desert. It has been regarded as the toughest foot race on Earth. What followed was a near deadly experience that pushed Prosperi to his breaking point. This week, Chris guides us through the ultramarathon that almost killed Mauro Prosperi. (Hint: Do not try this at home.)

  • Road Trip Gone Wrong: The Disappearance of the Tromp Family - Season 2 Episode 20

    A family of five disappeared on a tech-free road-trip only to turn up one by one after a week-long odyssey of more than 1,600km (995 miles), which ended with a police investigation and two of them in psychiatric care. This week, Leah walks us through the strange disappearance of the Tromp family. (Hint: Keep your cell phone on you when you go camping.)

  • The CIA killed who?!: Musician Conspiracy Theories - Season 2 Episode 19

    First, we talked about The 27 Club. Next, we talked about the Paul is Dead conspiracy theory. Now, Gavin is rounding out his trilogy of musician conspiracy theories this week by bringing in theories about more musicians that have been replaced by clones, faked their deaths so they could live mundane lives out of the spotlight, musicians who were secretly murdered, and more! (Hint: You’ll have to listen to decide for yourself if Elvis is still alive.)

  • America's Unknown Child: The Death of the Boy in the Box - Season 2 Episode 18

    This episode contains strong themes and language that may be not suitable for younger listeners.

  • The Manson Family - Season 2 Episode 17

    This episode contains strong themes and language that may be not suitable for younger listeners.

  • H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos - Season 2 Episode 16

    Howard Phillips Lovecraft was an American author of fantasy, horror, and science fiction. Lovecraft has become a cult figure for his Cthulhu Mythos, a series of loosely interconnected fictions featuring a pantheon of human-invalidating entities. This week, Gavin introduces Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos to Chris and Leah, while everyone tries to figure out how to pronounce “Nyarlathotep”. (Hint: It’s not even the hardest name to pronounce.)

  • The Loch Ness Monster, Skinwalkers, and Other Cryptids - Season 2 Episode 15

    Cryptids are an animal (such as Sasquatch or The Loch Ness Monster) that has been claimed to exist but never proven to exist. In our second episode about Cryptids, Chris explains the legends behind The Loch Ness Monster, Skinwalkers, and the Beast of Truro, leaving Gavin and Leah to wonder if there is some truth to these mysteries. (Hint: Listen to find out for yourself!)

  • The Real Men in Black - Season 2 Episode 14

    Now when most people think of the Men in Black, they probably think of the 1997 film, Men in Black, starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, but did you know the movie might be based on a real organization. Strange sightings over the decades have created a conspiracy about a real-life supernatural organization known as the “Men in Black”. This week, Leah brings in some suspicious stories about the illusive organization, while Gavin and Chris decide if the tall tales have any possibility of being real. (Hint: We recommend steering clear of potential Men in Black.)

  • Unexplained Sounds - Season 2 Episode 13

    As the age old saying goes: the cow goes “moo”, the pig goes “oink”, but what does the Sun sound like? This week, Gavin, Leah, and Chris bring in some strange, weird, and unexplained sounds to listen to and discuss from the depths of the oceans, the far reaches of space, and…animals? (Hint: We recommend listening while you listen to the episode.)

  • Mood Manipulation in Music - Season 2 Episode 12

    The components of music grab on tight to our emotional circuitry. In times of trouble, music is there to soothe the soul and ease the mind. This week Gavin, Leah, and Chris explore why music is an essential component of movies and TV, as well as how music is used to reduce stress. Plus, our friend Ray joins us to explore the mysteries of how music has such a hold on our emotions and why music therapy exists. (Hint: Music always helps the vibes.)

  • NASA's Interstellar Mixtape: Voyager Golden Record - Season 2 Episode 11

    The Voyager Golden Records are two phonograph records that were included aboard both Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977. The records contain sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth, and are intended for any intelligent extraterrestrial life form who may find them. This week, Gavin talks about some of the images, music, sounds, and greetings on the record, while Leah and Chris pitch a new updated record that they think should be sent into space. (Hint: The world was very different in the late 70s.)

  • Real-Life Buried Treasure - Season 2 Episode 10

    Everyone has had the child-like wonder to look for buried treasure in their backyard and at the beach, but you never really find much. Some people take it to the next level, cracking hundred year old cyphers and looking for hidden artwork in the mountains and gold buried in forests. This week, Chris brings in some true stories of real buried and hidden treasures throughout time while Gavin and Leah start to plan trips to find them. (Hint: X marks the spot!)

  • Misconceptions about the Mongol Empire and Genghis Khan - Season 2 Episode 9

    For many years the history of the Mongols has been cloudy, with translations of translations setting them up to be a brute society of savages, hellbent on conquering, but that is just not true. This week Leah brings in some of the biggest misconceptions about the Mongol Empire and Genghis Khan. She also brings her friend Sam Bass, a professor of Mongol and East Asian History at Simon Fraser University in Canada. (Hint: Strap in, because things are gonna get technical.)

  • History of Famous Phrases - Season 2 Bonus

    In this very special bonus episode, Gavin, Leah, and Chris bring in some of their favorite phases to determine which one has the best origin.

  • The End Of The World: Failed Doomsday Predictions - Season 2 Episode 8

    The world is probably going to end at some point, right? Whether it’s a billion years from now or next week, that hasn’t stopped people from trying to predict a potential impending doomsday. This week Gavin brings in some of his favorite armageddon predictions while Chris and Leah make their own predictions about the end of the world. (Hint: If you get it wrong the first time, maybe you can’t predict the end of the world, so stop trying.)

  • Expedition of Dead Mountain: The Dyatlov Pass Incident - Season 2 Episode 7

    Between February 1st and 2nd of 1959, nine Russian hikers died in the northern Ural Mountains. The circumstances were unknown, but many theories have circulated for decades. The event became known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident. This week, Chris explains what allegedly happened on that mountain, while Gavin and Leah come up with their own conspiracies about the ultimate demise of the expedition. (Hint: Be careful scaling tall mountains in Russia with no cell phone, because ya know, it’s the 50s.)

  • SCP Foundation Part 3 - Season 2 Episode 6

    In the highly anticipated third part to our SCP Foundation series, Leah brings in some brand new SCPs to talk about with Gavin and Chris, along with bringing in our friend (and professor), Pete Johanns, to give his take on these spooky anomalies. (Hint: Check out SCP Foundation Part 1 and Part 2, available wherever you get your podcasts!)

  • Bizarre Sports You've Probably Never Heard Of - Season 2 Episode 5

    While most people are familiar with Football, Basketball, and Baseball, not as many people are as familiar with Kabaddi, Cycleball, and Chess Boxing. This week, Gavin brings in some of the most bizarre sports you’ve probably never heard of, and challenges Leah and Chris to guess what they are based on their name. (Hint: Zorbing might surprise you.)

  • The Last Stone Age Tribe on the Most Dangerous Island - Season 2 Episode 4

    North Sentinel Island is a remote island near the coast of India. It is home to the Sentinelese, an indigenous people in voluntary isolation who have defended, often by force, their protected isolation from the outside world. In 1956 it was made illegal to be within five nautical miles of this island in order to prevent the resident tribespeople from contracting diseases to which they have no immunity. This week, Chris brings Leah and Gavin some stories about this tribe that is still living in the stone age, and the people who have attempted to visit North Sentinel Island. (Hint: You definitely don’t want to visit this island.)

  • Aliens, Atlantis, and Pseudoarchaeology - Season 2 Episode 3

    Archaeology is the study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of material culture. But what about “archeology” that isn’t accepted by modern standards? Well that might fall under the definition of pseudoarchaeology, which refers to interpretations of the past from outside the archaeological science community, which reject the accepted data gathering and analytical methods of the discipline. This week, Leah brings some examples ranging from aliens building the egyptian pyramids to the lost city of Atlantis. Plus, she brings her friend Nathan, an archeology grad student and professor to give his profession insight on this “alternative archaeology”. (Hint: Listen to find out how weird it gets!)

  • The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle - Season 2 Episode 2

    The Bermuda Triangle is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where multiple ships and aircrafts are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. In recent years, many of these disappearances have been attributed to paranormal activity or extraterrestrial beings. Most reputable sources dismiss the idea that there is any mystery, but Gavin, Leah, and Chris have decided to take it upon themselves to decide if there is any legitimacy to the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. (Hint: Listen to decide for yourself!)

  • Moon Landing Hoax Conspiracy Theories - Season 2 Episode 1

    On July 20, 1969, the United States landed on the moon…or did they? In our season premiere, Chris walks us through some Moon Landing Hoax Conspiracy Theories, while Gavin and Leah debate if you can recreate the moon landing in a movie studio. (Hint: You would need a really good movie studio by ‘60s standards.)

  • Origins of This Strange World - Season 1 Episode 29

    In this second bonus episode, Gavin, Leah, and Chris talk about some of their favorite episodes from season 1 and about how TSW came to be! Stick around until the end to hear the original episode that inspired it all. (Hint: It’s pretty wacky!)

  • Best Moments of Season 1 - Season 1 Episode 28

    In this special bonus episode, Gavin, Leah, and Chris talk about some of their favorite moments from Season 1! From quips at Chris, to quips at Chris, to quips at Chris, it really has been a wild season.

  • 2020 Year in Review - Season 1 Episode 27

    For our final episode of the year and the season, we decided to do a 2020 Year in Review! We start by looking back on some of the most popular trends and topics from this past year, and then we delve into some of the biggest topics in Music, Sports, Movies, and TV. (Hint: 2020 was quite the year.)

  • Unique Holiday Traditions - Season 1 Episode 26

    For this holiday episode, Leah takes us through some unique holiday traditions, talking about food, festivities, and decorations from around the globe. Meanwhile, Gavin and Chris try to figure out which Asian country eats KFC on Christmas, which country carols with a dead horse skull, where The Elf on the Shelf originated, and more! (Hint: Regardless of your unique traditions, we wish you a very Happy Holidays!)

  • Conspiracy Theory: Paul is Dead - Season 1 Episode 25

    This week, Gavin gives us a deep dive into one of music’s most notorious conspiracy theories, Paul is Dead. We discuss how this theory managed to blow up and decide for ourselves if this holds any legitimacy. (Hint: Listen to decide for yourself!)

  • Bigfoot, Devils, and Other Cryptids - Season 1 Episode 24

    Cryptids are animals (such as Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster) that have been claimed to exist but never proven to exist. In our first episode about Cryptids, Chris explains the legends behind Bigfoot, The Jersey Devil, and The Dover Demon, leaving Gavin and Leah to wonder if there is some truth to these mysteries. (Hint: Listen to find out for yourself!)

  • Overhyped: The Last of Us Part II - Season 1 Episode 23

    This episode contains strong themes and may not be suitable for younger listeners.

  • Bizarre Crowdfunding Projects - Season 1 Episode 22

    Have you ever had a misunderstood idea? Well a lot of people have, and they’ve gotten a shocking amount of money on crowdfunding sites. This week Gavin brings some of the most bizarre crowdfunding projects while Chris and Leah debate the needs for edible cups, meat soap, and a giant inflatable sculpture of Lionel Richie’s head. (Hint: Get in on wacky crowdfunding ideas before they go viral.)

  • The Pups of U.S. Presidents - Season 1 Episode 21

    Leah brings us one of her favorite topics to talk about… dogs! More specifically, this week we talk about the famous dogs of the U.S. Presidents, as well as a few other animals that have had the chance to live in the White House. (Hint: Red, White and…Bark? I’m sorry.)

  • History of Superstitions - Season 1 Episode 20

    In honor of Friday the 13th, Chris goes over the history of some famous superstitions while Leah and Gavin continue to knock on wood and throw salt over their shoulder. (Hint: Don’t break any mirrors or walk under any ladders.)

  • Bizarre Phobias - Season 1 Episode 19

    This week, Gavin talks about some of the most bizarre and unconventional phobias, while Chris and Leah try to guess what they are. (Hint: You can guess along at home!)

  • This Spooky World: Halloween Special - Season 1 Episode 18

    Spooky season is upon us! And that means it’s time for This Strange World’s first spooky 3-part episode! This episode is jam-packed with spooky content galor! First, Gavin is going to talk about some of the most popular halloween candies, then Chris is going to tell us some urban legends, and finally, Leah is going to talk about some horror movies that were based on real events. So gather some candy, get dressed in your finest costume, and don’t forget to wear a mask, because it’s time for This Spooky World: Halloween Special! (Hint: Boo!)

  • Influential Women Throughout History - Season 1 Episode 17

    Throughout history, women have spoken out fearlessly against racial injustice, sexual injustice, climate change, and many other critical issues to make a difference for the future. In this week’s special episode, Leah discusses ten of the most influential women throughout history. Plus, our friend Kristen Mirand, from ABC 13 WSET in Virginia and a former Ithaca College alum, will join our conversation. (Hint: This is an episode you do not want to miss.)

  • Bizarre US Elections - Season 1 Episode 16

    We’re living in pretty strange times to say the least, and while we may be going through one of the most bizarre US elections in American history, it hasn’t always been smooth. Gavin brings in some stories of elections past and even some weird political candidates you wouldn’t expect, while Chris and Leah narrow down their top parody candidates. Plus our political expert Madison is here to help translate political jargon. It’s a fun time. (Hint: MAKE SURE YOU ARE REGISTERED TO VOTE.)

  • Bizarre Man-Made Disasters - Season 1 Episode 15

    Chris brings some bizarre man-made disasters to discuss after having so much fun with the bizarre natural phenomena episode, while Gavin and Leah try to comprehend just how horrible humanity truly is. (Hint: Humanity needs to be nicer to the environment.)

  • SCP Foundation Part 2 - Season 1 Episode 14

    This episode contains strong themes and may not be suitable for younger listeners.

  • The Mandela Effect - Season 1 Episode 13

    Gavin brings in some mind bending examples of one of his favorite conspiracy theories, The Mandela Effect, while Leah tries not to fall into a parallel dimension and Chris reevaluates his life. (Hint: This episode may cause you to reconsider everything you once knew to be real.)

  • Bizarre Natural Phenomena - Season 1 Episode 12

    Chris brings some bizarre natural phenomena from around the world to discuss with Gavin and Leah. (Hint: Research plural versions of words before you record a podcast, so you could’ve been saying “phenomena” instead of “phenomenons” the entire time, which isn’t a real word.)

  • Easter Eggs: Video Games - Season 1 Episode 11

    Leah brings in a long list of video game easter eggs to discuss with the gang. Plus, our friend Bailey joins us to give his reactions to these hidden easter eggs. (Hint: We’re not professional gamers.)

  • The 27 Club - Season 1 Episode 10

    This episode contains strong themes and may not be suitable for younger listeners.

  • Heaven's Gate - Season 1 Episode 9

    This episode contains strong themes and may be not suitable for younger listeners.

  • Bizarre Phone Apps - Season 1 Episode 8

    Leah discusses some of the most bizarre phone apps while Gavin and Chris try to rationalize the need for them. Plus, our friend Reilly joins us to give his take on these wacky apps. A lot of laughs are shared, so don’t miss out, because this is definitely our funniest episode yet! (Hint: Apparently, novelty doesn’t mean useless when referring to apps.)

  • Worst Shark Tank Pitches - Season 1 Episode 7

    Gavin brings in some of the worst Shark Tank pitches to discuss as Chris and Leah need to decide whether they’re in or out. Plus, our friend Tony stops by to discuss his experience buying an invention from Shark Tank. We also throw in a few of the best Shark Tank pitches at the end to prove it’s not all bad. (Hint: As Mark Cuban says, “Follow the green, not the dream”.)

  • Overhyped: Fallout 76 - Season 1 Episode 6

    For our first Overhyped episode, we talk about the famous video game flop, Fallout 76. Chris brings all the details as Gavin and Leah are left in disbelief at each embarrassing mistake the game developers make. (Hint: There’s a lot.)

  • SCP Foundation Part 1 - Season 1 Episode 5

    Leah discusses some of her favorite spooky SCPs while Gavin and Chris accept that they will never fall asleep peacefully again. (Hint: Don’t listen to this late at night.)

  • Bizarre Tourist Attractions - Season 1 Episode 4

    Gavin talks about some of the most bizarre tourist attractions in the world while Chris and Leah guess where they are. Play along at home! (Hint: None of them are in South America, but that doesn’t stop Leah from always guessing there.)

  • The Jonestown Cult - Season 1 Episode 3

    This episode contains strong themes and may be not suitable for younger listeners.

  • Titanic Conspiracy Theories - Season 1 Episode 2

    For our first conspiracy theory episode, Leah talks about some Titanic conspiracy theories, while Chris and Gavin provide some pretty solid banter and ask clarifying questions.

  • Animal Laws - Season 1 Episode 1

    For our first episode, Gavin brings some weird animal laws from around the world to discuss with Leah and Chris. (No animals were harmed in the making of this episode, although some may be insulted.)

  • Introducing This Strange World - Season 1 Episode 0

    Gavin, Leah, and Chris begin their journey to make sense of This Strange World.